Phu Quoc Island (Vietnam)

Pronounced as ‘foo kwuck’, is the biggest island deep south of Vietnam. Located in the Gulf of Thailand and off the coast of Cambodia, about an hour’s flight from Ho Chi Minh City (45km from mainland Vietnam and only 5km from Cambodia). Great escape from the loud unceasing cacophony of honking motorcycle from the streets of Saigon.

This beautiful island is still relatively unknown to many.  It is undeveloped but still easily accessible. Ringed with unspoiled beaches, surrounded with marine life, corals reefs and a National Park. Little tourist traffic makes this the perfect destination for travelers looking for a sun-drenched private tropical paradise with turquoise-colored waters you’ll want to dip into.

Enjoy the feeling of seclusion on your own patch of perfect beach, while being close to all the happenings of the local village. Love this beach with its simplicity and casual vibe. A place to fall asleep for hours over a tropical drink in the sand.